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The same is not true of biofuel. Biofuels contain oxygen.

Basic Composition of Biofuel | Sciencing

By adding just that one atom, the complexity of these molecules begins to rise dramatically. Whereas the major difference between fossil fuels revolves around whether they have single or double bonds and how long they are, the differences between biofuels are far more complex.

  • The Chemistry of Biofuels.
  • Basic Composition of Biofuel | Sciencing.
  • Biobutanol.
  • Harold H. Schobert: Chemistry of Fossil Fuels and Biofuels | SpringerLink.

Because of the oxygen, biofuels can contain alcohols, esters, ethers, and acid groups. Each of these groups is a whole subset of organic chemistry and each has special reaction characteristics. Alcohols are really nothing like ester, which are not like acids at all.


The net result of adding oxygen is a huge jump in complexity. When dealing with fossil fuels, the processes are all chemical or physical.

Fossil Fuels 101

Educator's Guide. Udhan, M. Energy crops and residues.

A Biofuel Process to Replace All Fossil Fuels

International Conference On Renewable Energy. Webb, A. Montreal: Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Washington, D. Retrieved from www. Sandeep, M. International Conference on Renewable Energy.

Chemistry of Fossil Fuels and Biofuels

Dainis, V. Advantages and disadvantages of biofuels: Observations in Latvia.

1. Introduction

Engineering for rural development. The ionic bond Ionic bonding and formula writing. Atomic mass The Mole Empirical and molecular formula. Hydrocarbons Alkanes, alkenes and alkynes Naming organic compounds Functional groups.

Types of polymers Polymer properties Revision Unit 1. Water as a solvent Solubility and dissolving Precipitation reactions Solubility curves Concentration.


What are acids and bases? Strength of acids and bases pH Dilution and reaction of acids.

What are redox reactions? Oxidation numbers Metal reactivity and half equations Corrosion. Chemical Energy Energy profile diagrams Heat of combustion. Gases Universal gas equation Gas stoichiometry. Redox Review Oxidation numbers review Review Metal reactivity and half equations Complex redox reactions. What are galvanic cells? Spontaneous reactions Primary and secondary cells.

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