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September 20, Culture See all. Cannabis See all. An Evolution in Vaporization? September 18, Ozzy Osbourne proves a fascinating storyteller.

Book review: "I Am Ozzy" (Grand Central)

He neither glamorizes nor apologizes in this nothing-held-back autobiography. So many of the myths surrounding Osbourne get exploded. I laughed at finding out what really happened to make him bite the head off a bat and his real opinion of Satanists. This tale of sex, lots of drugs, and rock 'n roll is not for the faint of heart. Reading Ozzy's autobiography is like hanging out at his house and listening to him talk. It's funny, crazy, and at times a little shocking - which is exactly what you'd expect Ozzy's life to be. He tells it like it is; no secrets and no flowery language.

Whatever you might think of the man, you certainly can't say that his book is dull.

And the photos included are great! A hilarious book that keeps readers tuned in. If you are a fan of Ozzy you'll love this book. I'd have given it five stars but was disappointed Ozzy didn't say much about the Jake E. Lee period.

I Am Ozzy: Soon-To-Be Classic Quotes from Ozzy Osbourne's Upcoming Autobiography - LA Weekly

I found this book to be hugely entertaining; it serves up one incredible anecdote after another. It really is amazing that he's managed to survive and keep it going after such a long time. Most of the book is just laugh out loud funny, with the exception of two particularly dark moments: the tragic death of his first and best guitarist Randy Rhodes, and the time he lands in jail charged with the attempted murder of his wife, Sharon. Despite the fact that Ozzy is a raging alcoholic and drug addict, reading this book I couldn't help but like and admire him for all that he's done.

The show, "The Osbournes" was one of the shows that I credit for pulling me out of a serious depression after my father passed away from cancer.

Ozzy Does It

The thing that really struck me about that show was how much they genuinely loved each other. Yes, their lives were crazy, but the love they had for one another came pouring out of them. It made me smile. Ozzy Osbourne's life was filled with crazy ups and downs; some he created and some came from left field.

Ozzy worked in slaughterhouses, sang for Black Sabbath, and starred in his own reality show. Regardless of what he was doing, it was easy to see from his autobiography that Ozzy was always honest about where he came from and who he was. I think the thing that struck me the most about Ozzy Osbourne's life was that although he admits to and acknowledges his many weaknesses, that his drug and alcohol abuse also helped to serve as a cover for his weaknesses. I realize that addiction is a disease, but no matter how honest one claims to be, addiction overrides that honesty and allows one to hide behind its gruesome coat tails.

From all the drugs and alcohol that Ozzy took in his lifetime, it's hard to say why he's still alive. Beyond that, his escapades with other women and larger than life rocker lifestyle should have driven any semblance of family far from the picture, but he has managed to hold on to his family. This success at home has to be due to his wife Sharon, who put up with her fair share of abuse over the years. As a fan of Ozzy's, I am hard pressed to really fault his own life story too much. The one thing I do wish he would have included more was his relationships with his children.

Very little is mentioned about his kids, and I found myself curious about how he has maintained a strong, loving relationship with his children, regardless of his drug and alcohol abuse. Right or wrong, the Osbournes are a family with heart. They want to be honest about their actions and feelings, which is strangely why they seem endearing. Ozzy's autobiography was interesting, and I enjoyed reading more about his life.

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I do have to give a huge disclaimer that there is a lot of profanity throughout the book, reminiscent of Ozzy's way of speaking. Honestly though, the book was trying to show this larger than life character for who he was, madness and all. Here at Walmart.

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