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Mechanical Metallurgy Examples

Everyone should know basic metallurgy before they weld. When welding, you can alter the steel you are working on affecting it adversely. A good example is stainless which is alloyed with chromium to make it rust-resistant, and nickel to make it hard. If you burn the chromium out of the steel when welding, it will then rust.

Metallurgy Defined

Stainless will also warp very easily from the heat if precautions are not taken. Many people will put way too much weld on a joint thinking that more is better. Actually more can be worse because of the added heat. You are also wasting time and materials which wastes money. Studying metallurgy will help you know what amount of weld metal should be deposited.

Chemical - One form of chemical metallurgy most everyone has heard of is rust. Rust is the oxidation of metal, or where oxygen gets into the metal and corrodes it. There is also corrosion where the atmosphere wastes away the metal. And in welding we are concerned with reduction, which is the removal of oxygen from the molten puddle.

Mechanical - Mechanical metallurgy involves the way that metal acts under stresses and loads. Welding rods are numbered with the first 2 or 3 numbers telling the tensile strength of the rod per square inch of deposited metal.

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Tensile strength is the ability to resist being pulled apart. There are many different loads and stresses involving brittleness, toughness, ductility, malleability, plasticity, shear, and others. Physical - Physical properties in metallurgy involve the metals being affected by the heat applied when welding. Matsuda, H. Nakagawa, T. Uehara, S.

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International Conf.

Metallurgy Defined

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Krenzer, Progress towards a more weldable A, Welding Journal 53 ss. All Rights Reserved. Log In. Paper Titles. Landmark Events in the Welding of Stainless Steels p. Metallurgy of Welding Stainless Steels p. Power Beam Processing of Stainless Steels p. Metallurgy of Welding Stainless Steels.

Article Preview. Abstract: Based primarily on microstructure, five stainless steel types are recognized: ferritic, martensitic, austenitic, duplex and precipitation-hardening. Add to Cart.