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Fortunately, you can make your column headers and your row numbers stay right where they are—meaning you can always see them, no matter how far down the spreadsheet you go.

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Excel can do it for you—with just one easy keyboard shortcut. Here it is:. Easy peasy! You can select the appropriate sheets in your workbook where that change should appear. Want to see this in practice? I get it—Excel can feel a little intimidating. Want to present your Excel data in a professional way?

Check out these Excel presentation tips. Take your Excel skills to the next level with our comprehensive and free ebook! Kat is a writer specializing in career, self-development, and productivity topics.

11 Excel Skills That Will Make You Look Like a Spreadsheet Pro

When she escapes her computer, she enjoys reading, hiking, golfing, and dishing out tips for prospective freelancers on her website. Please login or sign up to comment. Hi Kat, Thanks a ton for sharing!! I have one query, for the last option that you shared. For example, if the cell location is different in each tab then how to make changes?

When Should You Use IF Function

Like most people, you're probably using Excel for accounting. Parentheses can be nested inside one another. Remember that negative times negative is positive and a negative times a positive is negative.

Format the numbers with dollar signs and use zero decimal places since we are not interested in cents right now because they do not matter much when you are talking about dollars in the next chapter we explore how to format numbers in detail. Note, the mortgage cell is not included in the total. Excel does not know that you want to include that number, since there is no value there. So be careful to extend the SUM function to the top either by using the cursor or typing E2 where it says E3 to include the mortgage in the sum.

The wizard pops up:. Notice that you have to divide the interest rate by 12 since interest is calculated monthly. Also you need to multiply the loan term in years by 12 to get the loan term in months. Notice that the payment is shown as a negative number: To make it positive and add it to the monthly expenses, point to the mortgage cell E2.

Suppose you have a list of students as shown below. The first and last name is in one field separated by a comma. We need to put the last and firm names into separate cells. How do we do this?

To tackle this problem you need to use an algorithm — i. Here is what that all looks like when all the functions are placed together in a formula. But that uses up one cell for the intermittent step.

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  • Your spreadsheet should now look similar to the screenshot below. We copied the formulas as text into the bottom of the spreadsheet to make it easier to read and see. This concludes our lesson for today. You should have a fairly firm understanding now of formulas and functions, rows and columns, and the way this all can be employed through several definite examples.

    What is the if-then statement in Excel?

    Last year we put together The Definitive Most Useful Excel Tips , for which we consulted Excel experts and looked at tens of thousands of test results and course usage data. These ten are listed in decreasing order of utility from our top list. Copy and paste is one of the simplest and most used functions in Excel. These little frustrations can take time to fix, which is why Paste Special is so… special. Paste Special enables you to pick which elements of the copied cell you bring over.

    We often need to add new rows between existing rows. Excel developed a mind of its own in with this feature. Flash Fill automatically fills your data when it senses a pattern.

    Excel if-then: how the IF function works

    Suppose you have a list of product numbers in the first ten cells of column A, e. Now, this is much faster and will impress people. If Flash Fill is turned on File Options, Advanced just start to type the next product number in the cell below and Flash Fill will recognize the pattern and fill down the remaining product numbers for you. Just hit the Enter key to accept. Flash Fill is like magic, and can be used in many different scenarios.

    If-then in Excel: how does it work?

    Flash Fill is a jaw-dropping feature. Mastering these functions will not only make you look like an Excel whiz to your colleagues and manager, but can make a tedious, mundane task quick and simple.

    Free Excel Test for Interviews

    It can only look up values from left to right. The lookup value must be on the left in the lookup table. On another spreadsheet, you have a list of the product names and you want to look up how much profit each product has generated.