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Blue-green algae and harmful algal blooms

If your dog begins to experience any of these symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Prevention is key when it comes to any pet toxin. Many public health departments test water frequently in areas that are known to have outbreaks and will post signs when there is a problem—so vigilance is also important. You are here News News.

August 16, Symptoms of Intoxication Dogs can develop poisoning when they drink from, or even simply swim in, contaminated water sources.

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Signs of blue-green algae toxicity include: Seizures Panting Excessive drooling Respiratory failure Diarrhea Disorientation Vomiting Liver failure Ultimately death If your dog begins to experience any of these symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Stay Alert! Share this page:. When the combination of above factors persist for several days, blue-green algae cells can multiply a great deal, resulting in a bloom.

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Although blooms within a river may move downstream in the direction of its flow, the actual rate of movement is hard to predict and will generally be considerably slower than the rivers actual flow rate. During favourable conditions, blooms can appear downstream at any time, independent of upstream blooms, and can persist for as long as the favourable conditions remain in place. Although the algal scum can sometimes be visibly detected, water samples must be collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Under the microscope, algae species are identified and counted to determine the alert level status and any required management responses thereof. Blue-green algae are naturally occurring microscopic bacteria and cannot be removed from the River Murray and its tributaries. Chemicals that kill or disperse blue-green algae cannot be used in natural waterbodies due to the impact on other organisms that live in and use the water.

See our 'how blue-green algae blooms are handled' page for more information. MDBA office locations.

Toxic blue-green algae warning for dog owners and swimmers

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Go to search page Search this site. Discover the Basin Rivers. Worth it. Learn about why the Murray—Darling Basin is so important to Australia. Catchments Discover more about the Basin in your region by exploring the catchments in the Basin. Environment The Basin contains diverse ecosystems and a wide variety of plants and animals.

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Landscape Learn more about the Basin's landscape and diverse, complex environment. Cultural flows.

Blue-green Algae (Cyanobacteria)

Basin Plan roll-out The Basin Plan The aim of the Basin Plan is to ensure that water is shared between all users, including the environment, in a sustainable way. Sustainable diversion limits The Basin Plan sets a limit on how much water can be sustainably diverted within the Basin. Compliance and enforcement Compliance is an integral part of water management in the Murray—Darling Basin. Monitoring and evaluation Monitoring, evaluation and reporting is critical to understanding whether the Basin Plan is working and on track.

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Water recovery Water recovery is the water that is being recovered for the environment. Northern Basin projects The northern Basin is a complex network of people and places, industries and organisations with many and varied needs. Climate variability and change Water management must be adaptive to the uncertain effects of climate variability and change. Groundwater We work together with the states to manage the Basin's groundwater resources.

Managing water Water for the environment Ensuring that water quality is maintained and rivers and wetlands are restored to health.

Blue-Green Algae

Water markets and trade Trade is vital for irrigators by allowing flexibility in response to water availability. Water quality Maintaining water quality is crucial to sustaining human life and a healthy, working Basin. Salinity Salinity management is a significant environmental challenge for the Basin.

DEEP: Blue-Green Algae Blooms

Water in storages View the total amount of water in storages across the Basin. Water resource modelling Hydrological modelling plays an important role in water management and key policy initiatives. River Murray system River Murray data Our online interactive map about water levels, flows, salinity and water temperature. Weekly reports Summary of operations for the River Murray system including storage, flow and salinity data.

Flow advice Advice on flows to help landholders and river users manage activities that may be impacted by river movements. Storage, flow and salinity reports Reports on storage levels, flows and salinity across the River Murray system. Education Lesson packages Concise, curriculum-linked lesson materials to help explain the complex science of the Murray—Darling Basin. Apps Explore the challenges of the Murray-Darling Basin through our free apps.